How Apple silently introduced upgrade pricing to the AppStore

Published 11th Jun 2014

During the WWDC Apple announced some cool new stuff. Most of it dealt with features developers wanted for years but Apple didn't provide. While presenting these bombs of new features to the developers they silently introduced another wanted feature: Upgrade pricing in the AppStore How they achieved this was by introducing…

CoreMotion Presentation

Published 27th May 2014

You can find all the sources for the examples and the solutions as well as the pdf and the Keynote Presentation under You can also have a look at the Presentation online in your browser Have fun reading and in case of questions create a issue.

The future of DCIntrospect-ARC

Published 17th May 2014

While having forked the awesome DCIntrospect tool and refactoring it using only ARC, the time brought some great competitors to the field. There is almost a list of tools like the great Reveal App, that will now even get a integration into my favorite IDE for writing Objective-C code.. AppCode So how…